myGMRS.com is the reincarnated version of "The Repeater Resource," a short-term internet project with the intent of listing GMRS repeaters in the United States. As more and more GMRS licensees began to use the site, it was time to expand the project into a full-featured website.

This new site was created in September 2006 with a few features. myGMRS is constantly evolving and will never be "finished" anytime soon. I welcome the comments and criticisms of all users. Enjoy!

Rich Dunajewski

Latest Updates

NEW MYGMRS.COM STORE:   June 21, 2019
We have now launched our new Spreadshirt store for myGMRS.com! Remember, any purchases made through this store will support this website.

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We have launched a new store with custom apparel and accessories with the RepeaterFinder logo on them. We'll be adding myGMRS-branded merchandise as well in the near future once we get some new artwork created, plus some general radio designs. Items purchased from this shop will help to support this website!

Get 15% off your order for the next 14 days! Click "Redeem" on the shop to claim the discount.

RepeaterFinder Store

WEBSITE ISSUES FIXED:   February 10, 2019
It has been brought to my attention that was an issue with profiles not being saved, including user preferences and user photos. These issues have been fixed as of today. If there are still problems with the website, please let me know via the forums or the Contact link above. Thank you!

NEW FCC ACTION:   June 5, 2018
The FCC is considering action on a Petition for Partial Reconsideration filed by Motorola Solutions Inc. regarding location and text data bursts on GMRS. We have been in contact with the Commission and will be filing a formal comment in support of the petition with some common sense restrictions.

Please read more on the forum: New FCC Action

Petition for Partial Reconsideration