Grundy 700



This system is open to all GMRS licensed operators; please follow all FCC rules regarding GMRS use.


This system does operate mixed mode Analog voice / P25 - IMBE digital voice, utilizing Analog PL 97.4 & Digital NAC code (293).

Note: Analog voice has priority over digital and NO user will ever be punished for bumping out a digital voice user.


User's with DTMF capable radios may utilize built in features of the system any time.

Time of day:  3500*

(More feature codes coming soon)


Antenna System:

16-bay folded dipole (Andrew DB420), Hardline 1-5/8 (Andrew)

Antenna Height:


Base Station:

Motorola Quantar HighPower, 50w out the 6-Cavity (RFS CP450-422)

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