Sin City 700 North



Update!  02-21-10

     Upgrade is now complete!! I though it worked well before.. it is now a real beast. The 60 foot tower with the 18ft 12db gain antenna pulls in and pushes out continuous coverage all across the valley. Went out for a few hours today in some diffierent spots on the strip, and with my handheld was making it in no problem from outside every casino. I also got some overall good coverage from inside a few casinos, but it seems like until you get to the 15th to 20th floor inside the casinos you can't make it out, so request a high floor. Also drove all over the valley to a few low spots I knew coverage was lacking, and there are no dead spots where I usually find them. I havn't checked them all of course, but as I work durring the week I will check them all out. Have Fun!

Update!  02-14-10

     Moving Repeater, Putting on a 60 Foot Tower at my House, Plus the New Comet GP-9NC antenna with 12DB gain adding another 17 feet, this will double the coverage area. Repeater is running lower until around 02-21-10 or earlier, and it will be off of a smaller 30 Foot high mast with just a el cheapo tram commercial antenna, so I lowered the coverage circle until I really know how it performs.My other repeater is now moved to the Strip for local use while on the Strip and downtown.

Update!!! 10-14-2009

     Up and running once again. I decided against the teleconnect for many reasons, if this wasn't such an open repeater I may have done it, but that is just something else to break. Had the MRTI hooked up and working though at the shop. It is kinda cool to dial into the repeater, and talk to someone on the radio thru your cell phone, but I just see lots of problems down the line. If I ever add it, it will be after I secure the repeater, and use it for personal use.  Everything else went as planed though. Did double the power, for some reason it was tuned down? Reset everything to full factory specs. someone had this repeater set up as a 12.5 khz spread for some reason, who knows why, Must of been in California. Then they had it lower powered, and had the deviation so messed up, I am amazed any audio got thru this bad boy. I am taking it on a full run for the next few days, but You can already hear the audio quality is back where it should be. Everything is loud and clear now!! Put the antenna up another 10 feet, just shy of requiring lights on it per the FAA. Here are the final specs from my tech sheet.  TX power = Enough, should not  say due to it might be a little higher than allowed.  RX sensitivity is 22uV with full quieting at around 25-27 uV. Deviation is back at 45 where it should be, I think it was at only 25 or so at the beginning. Duplexer is tuned, both VCO's are aligned perfectly, and everything should be good. Will know soon enough. Will post more in a few days, I am working next week on another portable repeater that I will run out of my house up north for even better coverage. Have to work on the voting crap, and other things. I might just run it on a diffierent Tone to minimize interference, then depending where you are in the valley, you can pick the tone your closer to. Both of them should cover the whole valley, but I want one to cover up north a little better. may not need it now that this thing is set right.


Update!!!! 10-08-2009

Repeater will be down for a few days while I take it into the shop for tuning and PM. I think when it comes back online next week around  10-12-09 the inprovements will be well worth the sacrafice of a few days downtime. Lets just say Double the power, more height to the antenna, and I even heard the Teleconnect fairy may be visiting this repeater very soon. If teleconnect is added I will post it, and due to FCC rules, I am only adding it for emergency use only, because the FCC will not allow phone patch on GMRS, but the FCC rules say just about anything goes in an emergency situation. Will Keep you updated.


Here is the Beast running out of a Friends Location due to it being more centrally located . Free to use by anyone. There are a few other repeaters around town also. My tone is 88.5,on 462.700Mhz  feel free to use it anytime you want, Free for all. I am running a Moto MSF5000  putting about Lets Say Enough Watts real power to the antenna, and as you can see below, the best antenna out there, At least for the cost, I will probley never get to try a stationmaster( Without living on ramen noodles for a month).

UPDATE!!!!!! 4-18-2009

Was going to do a Yagi style antenna, but after finding out my Turd, I mean Tran antenna was just junk, do not ever buy one, ever. It seems like a good deal, a tuneable antenna for under 50.00. You get what you pay for, I wouldn't put this thing on my FM radio, let alone a repeater. The antenna I can recommend without any questions in the Comet CA-712EFC. 9.8db gain if not more. I hooked it up to my MSF5000, and this thing is unbelievable. I went to the other side of las vegas(South, I live North) and got into my repeater with a 4watt handheld set on low power(1 Watt). This was a 30-32 mile hop with a handheld. Let me say that one more time...WITH A HANDHELD!!! A chinese made Nee radio none the less. I have some 40watt maxon mobiles I am running, and they made it in no problems from 40-50 miles out. I kept thinking you need more power, Who doesn't? A real antenna you can order for 119.00 plus 14.99 shipping rocks and rolls. This thing is only 15 feet off my roof(I am on a hill, benchmark at corner(Talk about Lucky) puts the curb at 2086.28 feet ASL, my house is Roughly 2100 ASL easy) then you add the 10.5 foot antenna and this thing puts out!! No Tuning, 1.1 SWR almost across the whole GMRS band.  There is nothing better. I know a guy paying hundreds of dollars a month to have his antenna on top of a small tower, and his Repeater doesn't sound as good as mine. I cannot stress this is the most unbelievable antenna on the market, I went from 5 miles working(Remember the antenna was bad, it had a short in one of the coils according to my radio tech) to 30 miles with a handheld and 50 miles off a mobile, all by changing the antenna. It does also help Las Vegas is basicly a bowl with mountains around it. As long as you can get around the bowl somewhere on a high spot(I'm on a North High Spot), or throw your antenna on top of the stratosphere( It can be done, I checked, Break out the platinum card though!!!$$$$$) The signals bounce around the bowl quite well. I will keep updating as I go, but so far as long as you are outside a building, you can get into my machine with a 4watt handheld from just about anywhere in the valley. I have been inside many shops and hotels along the strip and have been able to make it into the repeater easily from most spots. Inside elevators and in some basements coverage was weaker, I will keep updating as I test out the repeater some more. I will spend a day downtown, and on the strip soon to get a good review.

   4-19-2009- Wish I could adjust the coverage map a little bit to give more realistic coverage. You look on the circle and it shows you can get in from boulder city. You can sometimes with a mobile, but Boulder City,NV is behind a small mountain range(See Map) so coverage is iffy there. You can get in from past indian springs in the northwest corner of the map, and almost all the way to Mesquite,NV ( Right to the hill before you drop down into Mesquite about 10 miles out of Mesquite,NV on the 15 freeway)

     4-19-2009 - May have a lead on a 100 Watt moto 5000MSF coming my way, I will keep you updated.

     4-24-2009 - Well The MSF5000 is up and running like a champ. If you can get into my machine, I promise you are getting out. These things are built like a Brick(And Weigh as much as one) I should see many years of reliable service out of this tank.

     5-05-2009 - UPDATE!!!- Ok were back up and running strong. Was all over the valley today with my handheld on low power(1 Watt) and was working the repeater from 30 miles out. I was in and out of just about all the casinos today from the Strip to Downtown, and I could get into the machine from inside the casino on High (4 Watts) power everywhere but the elevators and basements. Will check out coverage out the henderson way soon enough, but coverage so far is great!

     5-06-2009 - Came across a aluminum antenna tower. Got about (7) 10 foot sections for only 40.00. I will try to get it up this weekend. That should double my antenna height, and you should be able to hit the repeater from LA baby!!


     9-13-2009 - Repeater is at a new location, not as high up, but more centrally located. It now has complete coverage of the Las Vegas Strip, and it is only a mile or two from downtown Las Vegas, so if you are here on vacation, with a 1/2 watt handheld you will be getting into this machine with no problems. Going to run around downtown and the strip sooner or later to check coverage in and out of a few casinos to get a real feel for the coverage. I will update when I do this.


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