Arizona GMRS Hub




Part of the myGMRS Network

Arizona GMRS Initiative : myGMRS Node 20400

This is a virtual hub for the myGMRS network used for managing statewide repeater connections; there is no physical repeater at this location.

Requests for permission to use this listing will be

ignored as it is not a physical repeater.

This hub is open for all inbound connections within the myGMRS system, and openly welcomes all Arizona repeater systems that utilize or are interested in joining the myGMRS network.

The Arizona GMRS Initiative is a statewide linking project looking to develop the linking capabilities of GMRS repeaters throughout Arizona. We're looking to expand GMRS coverage by sharing our infrastructure and resources, and working with interested repeater owners to grow the linked presence of repeaters in our state; if this is you, we're happy to help!

By using this hub, you agree to abide to the terms of use outlined on the Tucson GMRS Association web site linked above.

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