TPC 650



We received a number of requests for access. This is an open repeater, you may use it as long as you follow FCC regulations.


03/04/18 UPDATE: The BW-1 operators asked us to move the frequency to avoid conflict, so we moved to channel-19, 467.650MHz. PL remains at 206.5Hz.

This is an open repeater to the Las Vegas community including travelers. All FCC regulations must be followed and this means you may not use the system without a GMRS licence (its only $7 per year for a 10 year license, so there are no excuses) and you must identify following FCC regulations using your FCC call sign. Fairly good coverage tested from near the strip, to 215/15 and all over Red Rock park including some of the hiking trails.

Range reports are highly welcome, please leave them in the comments section below!

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