Methow Valley 725 - North End - WQZD796



WQZD796: Traveler's tone (141.3) is primary, 3 other tones available for general chatter in order to keep air quiet for through traveler or visitors information.  

141.3 is generally monitored by local base station for traver's assistance while other tones are NOT monitored.

Coverage map provided is generous.  See our webpage for better.  Mobile Coverage is good past the end of Lost River, Just west of Early Winters, East to Winthrop gets spotty.  Handheld coverage is generally Mazama, Lost River, Edelweiss and Big Valley.  Some coverage North into the Rendezvous.

Other available tones are:  173.8, 206.5 and 210.7  These tone do NOT output on the transmitter so you must use carrier squelch.  These tones are not monitored routinely by any area base stations.

Also a number of area Amateur Radio repeater are available if you are a licensed ham.  Their coverages are substantially better than GMRS, most especially VHF due to our mountainous area.

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