Useage primarily for coordination of trained CRT team members during Emergency Medical, Fire, Search & Rescue, Health & Welfare Status Checks, and Coordination of Community Events. Members have training in First-Aid, CPR, AED by Red Cross and other agencies. Frequency has been monitored 24/7 by a limited number of members since repeater was placed into service March 2016. Brevity is greatly appreciated, and chit-chat is discouraged. Computer modeling and actual verification of repeater service area has verified good coverage throughout communities in Golden Valley, SoHi, and Chloride. Limited coverage extends south to I-40 between McConnico and Yucca. Careful site selection between Black Mountain range and Cerbat range intentially prevents any coverage in Kingman, and limits any NW coverage along Hwy. 93 toward high-density population areas near Las Vegas.

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