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FIGHT "ID Polution" in Northern California!

A significant number of new GMRS repeaters have been constructed in Northern California this year, and many are configured to transmit their FCC call sign every 15 minutes regardless of any recent use. 

Recurring IDers are not required by the FCC rules (see §95.1751).

Such IDers can directly interfere with users operating on other co-channel repeaters and unecessarily raises the GMRS noise floor.  A high noise floor effectively reduces the useable range of other co-channel repeaters as well.

Recurring IDers are considered extremely poor practice on shared channels.

Repeaters are only required to identify:

 - following a single transmission or a series of transmissions, and

 - after 15 minutes and at least once every 15 minutes thereafter during a series of transmissions lasting more than 15 minutes.

Finally, repeaters are not required to ID at all if the licensee's family are the only users (operate under the same call sign), and these users properly ID.


The Northern California GMRS Users Group (NCGUG)

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