This repeater is a work in process. It is privetly owned and maintaned but open for public use. I am hoping coverage will be Ashland to Grants Pass. On channel GMRS-17R. The repeater is a Vertex Standard VXR7000U. Not yet on line. Hope to be before the end of the year.

Update 12-8-16

The repeater has been repaired and programed. I should have it within a week or so.  While we are waiting for it, use the ELK675 repeater, we get outstanding coverage in the Rogue Valley.



12-21-16  UPDATE

After countless months of waiting,  repairs to the repeater are finely done and it is back and on-line.  Give it a try and see how you like it. I am sure there will be some fine tuning required so if anyone has comments or ideas please let me know. I will be doing some field testing throughout the next few months to get a more accurate coverage map.

Andy P   WQTQ562

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