Kentucky Radio/Skywarn



Please email us for information regarding this repeater system. We are a preppers group with radio units in 6 counties in KY and IN. We are accepting new users provided you email us you're needs. We only can allow FCC Licensed members so PLEASE before you make contact do have a valid GMRS FCC License. Our repeater is in Jefferson County, we have added the NWS weather signaling and audio for Floyd and Clark counties in Indiana and Bullitt, Nelson and (Jefferson is currently the only one set in the system) counties in Kentucky with the SAME Fips codes to alert all users on channel of weather emergencies also each Tuesday night at around 6pm EST and Wednesday at 12 noon we simulcast the Weekly NWS tests. It will be an automatic feature and will be helpful in rough weather conditions for all members and non members listening to our repeater. We are also a SKYWARN LMK Spotter member. This repeater is also linked with the WQVB250 462.725 Repeater.

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