Sin City 575 Private



1/6/2014 Smaller 30 Watt GMRS I built from some Mobile Radios I had laying around the house. Had a few Motorola Radios, a power supply, a cooling fan, a Zetron Model 30 controller laying around and decided to give myself my own little private Repeater for use around the area. Decent antenna, only about 30 feet in the air, should give 10-15 miles or so. Finalizing testing, and should be on the air by 1/10/2014. Will have Phone patch capability with world wide calling avaliable, Going to hook it to my VOIP Phone, so it will be interesting to see how it goes. May end up moving it to the South Valley after I run it up here for a few weeks or months to see how it works. May use it as a portable Event repeater at times. If you want to take it for a spin, feel free to send me a request, and If you agree to send me some feedback on your impression on it, I have no problem granting access. Thanks again. WQKC615


1/8/2014 On the air and Live as of 4:30pm today. Ran a few tests, and everything seems to check out fine. Will Run around town a little bit tomorrow to see what type of range it will give off my mobile, and off a cheapy 2 watt handheld. Will update the coverage map after I am sure how it reaches. Look for updates soon.


1/18/2014 Switched out antennas. Using one that Ed Fong designed. Because it was so light weight, I was able to get it another 10 foot in the air, and actually doubled the range of the repeater. You really can't get it from the Valleys, but on the high spots it does really well. Since I just wanted this one for local neighborhood use, I am more than happy with the performance.

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