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Welcome to the WQGU515 Williamsport 675 GMRS Repeater.  On Facebook

This repeater is open for any licensed GMRS user and their family.  Please research and follow the General Mobile Radio Service guidelines and rules so you and your family and other users can have a plesant experience.  For more information and how to get your license click this link https://www.fcc.gov/general/general-mobile-radio-service-gmrs

Coverage map of approximate coverage to expect - Coverage Map

The best signal will be when the leaves are off of the trees but the antenna is above the tree line.

March 2020 - Changed the transmit radio to a Kenwood TK-8180H and set the power to do 50 watts instead of 30 watts.

12/4/19 Added to https://www.repeaterbook.com/gmrs/details.php?state_id=42&ID=11

9/17/12, the repeater was put on the air on Bald Eagle Mountain just south of Williamsport, PA - Lycoming County on Skyline Drive at 1,912 feet elevation.

The repeater consists of two - Kenwood TK-8180 UHF mobile radios hooked together powered by an Astron 20 amp power supply. 

12/1/14 an ID-O-Matic IV was installed.  This allows the repeater now have a Voice id and Morse Code ID that willl id once every 15 minutes while in use and once per hour as a beacon while not in use.  The beacon depends on the last time the repeater was used and is not a set beacon at the top of the hour.

12/21/13 Installed a Diamond X50C2 (commercial frequency version of the Diamond X50A.)  This antenna has 7.2 DB on UHF.  Using 50 feet of 1/2 inch hardline.

11/22/15 WQGU515.com

12/28/15 Installed a preamp and a band pass cavity on the receiver of the repeater.  Since the preamp has been installed I have heard a user several times down near Hershey or Lancaster on 322 talking on the repeater down there (was a good signal into this repeater also) and in early March 2016 I heard a user near Manchester, PA / North Queen St. North York, PA talking on a repeater down in that area who was also coming in with a good signal but was on a base radio and antenna but may have been the weather conditions (was during a snow storm).

7/21/16 Replaced the Motorola GM300 Radios with Kenwood TK-8180 radios for the repeater.

6/20/18 replaced the mobile duplexers with a set of Wacom WP678 and is working very well.

The other repeaters at this tower site are

KB3HLL's 147.090 and 443.050  Amateur "Ham" Radio Repeaters (ham radio license required).

KB3AWQ's 444.900 Ham Radio Repeater and KC3AWP-10 APRS transmit iGate on 144.390 (these two share the same antenna (Diamond X50A Dual Band 4.5 DB on VHF and 7.2 DB  on UHF)

Contact email: myGMRS@WQGU515.com

Even though anyone with a GMRS license or their family can use this repeater anytime, I'd appreciate knowing how the repeater did for you or signal reports when you used it. If you have any comments, questions, your the location you were and signal report as its nice to know how its doing and to know its being used. 

I have heard people several times in southern PA coming in on the repeater although they are on a repeater down there so the repeater strongest to them is all they hear.  I have heard people in the York and Hershey area before.  Its always neat to hear distant people on!


John - WQGU515.com / KB3AWQ.com / W3AHS.com

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