Iron Mountain 600 (NEWC)



N.E.W.Comm Net Iron Mountain 600 Repeater is an open system for licensed GMRS Communicators only. The system is open to anyone with a valid and Current FCC issued license and is a current member in good standing with Northeast Wisconsin Communications Network and/or Lakes Area GMRS Repeater Group, any non members wishing to use this or any systems owed and/or operated by Northeast Wisconsin Communications Network or Lakes Area GMRS Repeater Group members will need to obtain prior written or verbal permission’s for use of the systems by contacting witchever group the system is affiliated with.

Contact Northeast Wisconsin Communications Network by email, phone, or potal mail for system access and/or membership.


Thank You for you participation in making GMRS a better place to communicate.


NOTE: This system is offline at this time. For more information on this system and for updates as to its status keep checking back.

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