GMRS625 Anchorage



Retevis RT97. Off Grid. Solar Charged. Currenty in a "beta test". Covers Eagle River Valley and most of Anchorage with the exception of Hill Side and some of Point Mackenzie. Mt.Baldy blocks signal to the north and Mt.Gordon Lyon blocks signal to the south east.

Intended purpose is backup communication for family between Eagle River and Anchorage in event of telecommunication failure (IE: 2018 earthquake).

Recreational use is okay by GMRS Licensed users. This repeater does reach out in to the Eagle River Nature Center to the east all the way to the river crossing for the Crow Pass Trail. I used it out there during the summer of 2021 while doing several overnights hikes as it is the only means of communication (no cell service). The use of an N9TAX ( ) antenna strung up in a tree helped my 5 watt radio (VX231) reach the repeater better while out at the crossing. This was approximatly 18 miles away and not line of sight. It is heavily obstructed but the signal seems to be funneled down the valley by the mountain sides.


It also reaches down Eagle River South Fork towards Eagle and Symphony Lakes, again where there is no cell service. I have a radio in my home monitoring the repeater but I can't guarentee someone will always be around it 24/7. If you plan on going hiking in the back country feel free to use this repeater as a means of communication. If you let me know ahead of time I can monitor it to relay messages to emergency services or even just pass a message to friends/family for you.

Send me an email with your GMRS License # and I can send you the PL tones.



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