Open for general communications to licensed users in the San Francisco Peaks  of AZ. ( Flagstaff ) All users must yield for emergency traffic, or during times of natural disaster (fire etc) Anyone May access if life or property is at stake. The function of this repeater is for emergencies, traveler assist, then general gmrs use.

Due to the fact that The 7 Wonders GMRS Club Repeater Is Local Use Only

Coverage is excellent from 5005 Marketplace Dr to 5803 North, US-89 Please check in for signal reports so we can get a accurate coverage area.

Those who talk on our system are members of THE 7 WONDERS GMRS CLUB

We are trying to form a non political, non afflicated group to monitor for emergency communications to assist those in need. Please contact wrcu835 @ flagstaff725@gmail.com for more info.


Permission Required 

Click Here To Request Access

Thx you


Does not use Zello. We are not fans of being recorded and saved god only knows where.


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