The original system was on it's last legs, and after discussion between the owners, it was retired and replaced in 2016 with this current machine.

This repeater is a commercial portable, and is in the support of Coconino Amateur Radio Club activities. (CARC) and the associated OFFICIAL state and county emergency response (EMCOMS) teams. 

There is one owner now of this system, and future upgrades are planned.

Please note:

Access may be granted on a case by case, needs basis, to dues paying HA extra + ZA licenced members of CARC in good standing with the club, a minimum of 1 year for evaluation,  and refered by both the emergency coordinator, and the training officer for demonstrated knowledge and compliance to all related FCC rules, regs and laws, has occurred.


And then, 

Access is by invitation only.

No exceptions. Don't ask.


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